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SpaceCowboy5000 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been checking out your gallery. All I can say is, "Mui, mui! Meeza like! Oop... goober fish." How can I say? While there is a consistency in your art each piece stands out on it's own. Your comic style reminds me of stuff I used to see in the old "Heavy Metal" magazine. I've noticed certain references like "The Smiths", "Morrisey" and "Raistlin". You seem wayyyyy too young to remember that. BTW those pics of "lizard man" are very cool. Looks like you had to put a lot of "product" in your hair. :D Just giving my two cents. Cya!
Dragonbaze Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011   Traditional Artist
Wow, thank you for taking your time and for commenting! I have an older brother and sister that made a strong impression on me both musically and artistically. The first "real" music I got into when I first went to school was music from the 60's and I never really got into the rap and techno that the other kids listened to, for better or worse! :P
Raistlin is my favourite bad guy next to darth vader! My dad introduced me to both dragonlance and star wars which I'm very thankful for hehe.
I really like your old school sci-fi style! It's very different to the gray, cubistic star cruiser stuff of today, has a different atmospheric feel to it. I like mass effect alot that way, them going back to the roots of sci-fi and kindof renewing it. Your visions and designs are very inspiring!
Watchback atcha :D See you around!
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